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Quality and customer proximity due to process tuning...

                your competitiveness today for tomorrow!

  • Agitaris - your extramile to the customer!

  • AGI-Mapping - your benchmark to success!

  • AGI-Tracking - to track your measures!

  • AGI-Planning - S & OP, your planning solution!

  • AGI-Certificate - your quality management!

  • AGI-Success - your customized innovation strategy!

keep your high-performance and enhance your customer attractivity

Even the world's number 1 player needs a trainer to stay on a top position and to perform at best day after day.
We understand our business in analogy to the above mentioned picture and as an independent and incorruptible partner, which helps you to...
...enhance your innovations-performance
...reach a more customer specific quality
...enhance your supply
...decrease your process costs
Therefore you save time to focus your attention to important and contentwise decisions.


FASTER than your competitor

BETTER in quality and reliability

CHEAPER in costs and your competitive position keeps enhanced

Why to ask us?

We prove our strength as executives day after day by ourselves. We know what we are talking about!
Wherever you stay in areas of tension between quality and costs, we help our customers successfully since more than 10 years.
Are you manufacturing products for B 2 B? Do you have to comply international quality standards? Do you suffer under the continuously growing cost pressure? Ask us to go together ahead!

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