Process Excellence

Process assessments

Process assessments serve to assess the effectiveness and efficiency of individual business processes and the entire business process management system. They show the “maturity” and “quality” of each business process and the business process management system. Business process management reaches a high degree of maturity when not only the individual business processes, but the entire process management system stands out through high levels of effectiveness and efficiency.

Process assessments form the basis for:

How meaningful a process assessment turns out depends on a number of factors:

Abbildung: Prozessaufbau zur Bewertung von Geschäftsprozessen

Agitaris GmbH organises process assessments for actual application, provides a suitable maturity model including checklists, holds the necessary interviews, assesses the interviews, and draws up an assessment report. The content of the assessment report comprises assessment statements, identified weak points, need for action and suggestions for improvement.
Agitaris GmbH favours the use of the depicted assessment model. It distinguishes between five assessment levels. Higher levels mean that the requirements for greater process effectiveness and efficiency are better met. The assessment model was developed specifically for business processes and business process systems. The experiences of many business process applications have flowed into the model.
The process assessments carried out by Agitaris GmbH have the following benefits: